Serving across the North West and the whole of the UK, Barton Drilling Ltd can remove large concrete structures you no longer need with our diamond wire sawing techniques.

Wall and wire sawing

We use a bearded diamond wire which works with constant force.

We can use this technology for anyone who needs it across the UK.

It can cut through the toughest of structures and help you to meet your project deadlines.

Our wire saws can also tackle bridge sections, beams and columns, among others. A series of pulleys apply a constant force to the diamond wire, which means it can move at a high speed – as much as one square metre per hour.

We are Construction Skills Certification Scheme card holders, which shows how qualified we are to take on projects of this kind no matter how big or small they are.

The work also produces no fumes and is non-percussive, which means the job can be completed with a minimum of fuss.

As well as the cutting depth these saws can go to, the machine is versatile and quick, meaning it can be used for a wide variety of projects. Not only this, the work will be done quickly to ensure that you can move on with your project as quickly as possible.

If you are interested in our wall and wire sawing techniques, give us a call now on 01925 653354.

Wall & Wire Sawing Services across the North West and the UK

  • Electric & diesel floor sawing, ranging from 10mm deep up to 500mm deep reinforced concrete / asphalt.
  • Electirc & hydraulic wall sawing ranging from 10mm deep up to 750mm deep reinforced concrete.
  • Diamond wire sawing for varying depths & sizes of concrete, granite, marble, brick, sandstone etc